To restore and preserve the true spirit of this great sport, reliving the past with fun and passion!

The Midwest VMX Championship Series!

We have always been on top of most all that it takes to run this great series, with going on 10 years in 2021, its a milestone for us and proved that we are committed to it then and now!

Where 2020 was “the year” on so many levels for us , we have had to deal with more than most could have foreseen.

Based on what we feel is the best decision at this point in the season of the unknown, we have elected to cancel the entire 2020 season for the Midwest Vintage motocross series.

After seeing all the number of cases increase again across almost all states, we feel it is our responsibility to help slowing the spread of this Virus.
We made this decision in order to keep our members and their families safe and also in order to not make things worse for an economy that has already been hit hard enough.
This decision was made with the intent to hopefully help get us back to a resemblance of a “normal” sooner more that later.

As painful as it is for us , I want to make it very CLEAR that we are not giving up on anything! And will start now to plan the 2021 10 year celebration season. We have already been in contact with the great tracks we use and support us and they are excited and completely understand the situation.

We ask for understanding and support as we look ahead... but also to look back to the beginning where we started the new Midwest Vintage motocross series and remember how just a couple of dedicated people brought this back from an almost disappearance to what we feel is a much better series where we have given everyone a place to relive their past and to reunite families to a great sport.

If you feel you want your 2020 membership refunded please email
Me a request -
Otherwise we will roll everything over to the 2021 season .
Thank you all , Woody & Birgit Graves

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