To restore and preserve the true spirit of this great sport, reliving the past with fun and passion!

The Midwest VMX Championship Series!

In order to be more cost effective and have more support, we are now an AMA chartered entity. This requires that our riders have a current AMA membership. By using the link below, the AMA gives us back a small USD amount in support.


You can also call the AMA at (800) AMA-JOIN to join by phone. Just be sure to mention the MWVGMX affiliate / promo code. 

Welcome to Midwest Vintage Motocross ​​

Our History

Preserving the roots of every sport is crucial to understand the past and appreciate what we
have nowadays. Motocross has taken an unbelievable advancement in technology which has
paved the road for what bikes and riders can do today. The riders and mechanics in the 60s,
70s and 80s had to face huge challenges and took big risks to develop what we take for
granted today.

Preserving the history of our sport and teaching our youth where we came
from is essential for the future of motocross. Giving older riders the opportunity to relive
their past and share their experience, memories and bikes with modern bike riders is
priceless. Midwest Vintage Motocross has been created to meet this goal for all riders and
their families in the Motocross World.

Our Mission & Vision

To preserve the history of motocross by giving everybody the opportunity to relive
their past while introducing young riders to the roots of our sport.

Continuing to build a race series that honors the people, their families and all
manufacturers that support this great sport. Our goal is to remember the past while
building up the future through our youth.

Come join us to continue the legacy of our sport! Check out our 2022 race schedule!

Still have a question? Feel free to contact us at 407 416-2021 or email us at

See you at the next snap of the bands!


The Midwest Vintage MX Crew 

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